Croydon Bungalow 7

California Bungalow

Croydon, East Melbourne, Vic

In this designed garden we also used timeless products, being Bluestone and old red bricks, which you find littered throughout Melbourne.

Mt Eliza 2

The Entertainer

Mt. Eliza, South East Melbourne, Vic

After dinner is severed, take a small walk through a birch forest to enjoy a wine or 2, kept warm by a fire pit…? While exploring this garden you can hear the subtle sound of water trickling in this beautiful 7x 2.5m pond, which can be seen from inside too.

Croydon Tranquility 5


Croydon, East Melbourne, Vic
A timber screen helps provided security and privacy, and once you open the gate, you are greeted to the sound of trickling water, provided from a 2m x 2m pond.
We also created artificial heights within this garden to help create interest and to slow down foot traffic. This was achieved by using timber decking and raised brick walls??
Croydon Suburban 3


Croydon, South East Melbourne, Vic

To enter this garden, you walk up a Bluestone path, which leads to timber steps. these steps give the impression of floating over each other.

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Director James Seyffer's love and passion for gardens began at Melbourne University's Burnley campus in 2006. Inspired by this platform, James realised his dream of creating live canvasses that captivate and delights his audiences. His drive and passion were soon rewarded after receiving an award at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2011. His designs showcase his love for plants, variations in natural textures and hard surfaces.

In addition, James has over a decade of experience as a qualified tradesman in landscape construction and horticulture. This experience cultivated a sound understanding of how to construct aesthetically pleasing landscapes which are now baked into his design philosophy.